The Reluctant Hero Part II

The Reluctant Hero Part I

Patti emerged from the shower wearing only a towel and asked,

“Do we have any beer in here?”

I replied, “Yes we do, it is in the electric cooler under the liquor cart.”

There was both Heineken and Corona as our hosts also remembered the type of beer that Patti preferred. Again we had only known Terrell and Nicki for a few years, however we had spent many a day simply hanging out and having drinks and our went back before Terrell had made it big in “import and exports.”

“Quit a place they have here.” Patti commented.

“Indeed.” I replied, as I opened a beer for Patti and with a single motion handed the beer to her while grasping the knot in the front of the towel and with a gentle tug the towel fell to the floor reveling her full breasts. Patti looked at me with her big green eyes of hers and our lips met.

A little while later as we both lay naked in each other’s arms on the large lounge chair on the balcony I said,

“So what do you think Terrell “imports and exports”?”

To which Patti replied, “Not exactly sure, and last summer when Nicki was in town I mad the same query over martinis and she skirted the issue.”

“Well whatever it is, it must pay well.” I added.

A knock at the door interrupted the conversation as Luis announced that cocktails were being served on the lower veranda. Looking over the balcony railing I could see that Terrell and Nicki were already dressed for dinner and enjoying a martini. Apparently Terrell had not had the pleasant interruption I had enjoyed this day.

Patti rose to dressed and as her naked backside disappeared though the open balcony double doors, I said,

“Thank you.”

To which she replied with only a slight turn of her head and a smile.

I showered quickly and dressed in a sport shirt, slacks and a light sport coat and boat shoes. As I emerged from the bathroom Patti had already dressed in a nice short summer skirt and blouse and was finishing her hair.

As we strolled onto the patio Maria served us a martini and I noticed that Terrell was now absent. Nicki was dressed in a beautiful summer dress with a diamond necklace around her neck. Actually I am not sure it was diamond, however given the other areas of extravagance I could not imagine it was a knock off.

Nicki asked, “Did you enjoy your rest?”

The query was accompanied by a slight smile on her face, which I replied with the same smile and said,

“Why yes we did.”

And to which Patti replied with a slight elbow to my side. We finished our martinis just as Terrell emerged fro his office looking a little flustered. As Maria offered the four of us another martini I resisted the urge to ask if something was the matter.

While Patti and Nicki had disappeared into the house on what I supposed was a sight seeing tour, Terrell and I made light chit chat on the weather both at his house and in the Midwest. Terrell was looking a little nervous and said,

“You know having a successful business and making good money is not always what it is cracked up to be and does not come without a price.”

I started to reply that I am sure this was a matter of what side of the bank you were sitting on, however Patti and Nicki returned with Luis in tow with a platter of t-bone steaks and lobster on a large cart. Maria followed with a second cart carrying salad bowl beside a steam tray. As Maria tossed our Cesar Salad, Luis served the wine. As we dined the conversation again turned to chit chat about a friends in the Midwest and what we had been up to most of the fall and winter since we had last been together.

We finished our dinner, which as expected was excellent while Luis served the coffee and he and Maria began to clear the table and informed Terrell to just call if we needed anything else. After the pair had gone I asked,

“How were you two luck enough to find the pair of the?”

To which Nicki replied,

“They came with the house. That is to say the previous owner recommended them.”

We also found out they were husband and wife and had been in this line of work for 35 years.

“We were lucky!” Continued Nicki,

“They cook, clean, shop and both are great bartenders,” She smiled.

Terrell excused himself stating he had a little more work to do if we were going to take his bout on the next day.

“So, Nicki,” I said, “What does Terrell import and export?”

Yes curiosity had gotten the best of me as I used my fingers as double quotes indicating that I was puzzled by this.

Answering my query Nick said,

“Oh just about anything he can make money on. Jewelry, furniture, coffee, sprits, you name it.”

”Very interesting.” I said.

Patti said with a yawn,

“That’s it for me, traveling always makes me very tired the first day.”

Nicki and I stayed up for a night cap of fine port and some additional conversation on friends, weather and importing and exporting. As we walked up the stairs I had the uneasy feeling that Nicki wanted to tell me something, but I kept quiet. We hugged and said good night.

I entered the guest suite and saw by the moon light coming through the windows that Patti was not as tired as she had pretended to be. She was lying on the bed wearing only thong panties.

“Took you long enough.” She said.

“Shut up and kiss me,” I said with a smile as I turned off the light and slid out of my clothes.

Hours later still lying in bed awake and listening to the sound of the night coming from the environment I was not familiar with I could not quit thinking of this importing and exporting business and how I may get into it myself. Central Patti and I did ok as an accountant and software engineer respectively, but nothing like Terrell. I should of at this point said, but be careful what you wish for. I turned over and saw Patti sleeping named on top of the covers next to me and I rubbed he ass and said,

“Thanks again.”

She made a small chuckle as if she had heard me.

This is Part 2 of the Reluctant Hero, the continuing Adventures of the Professor and Central Patti. Look for Part 3 coming in August and do not forget to continue to follow MySideOfTheBar for more information on all things related to, well My Side of the Bar.



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