The Reluctant Hero Part I

While sitting at MySideOfTheBar last weekend the discussion of vacations was a very hot topic. This reminded me of a vacation that Central Patti and I had taken many a few years earlier...

The Reluctant Hero Part I

I never considered myself a brave person or a risk taker, much less a hero. But here I am, 12 gauge shotgun in hand, some type of revolver stuck in my belt hoping not to shoot myself, or to loose any vital body parts, preparing to go and confront what I can only describe as pirates!

Terrell and Nicki had invited us to one of their many houses, this one on the North Carolina coast. It being winter in the Midwest we did not need much convincing to leave the cold and snow behind.

Central Patti and I arrived early on a Friday afternoon and caught a cab to the address provided by Nicki.

Patti and I had met Terrell and Nicki several years earlier through friends of friends and it had not taken long for the four of us to become fast friends. We have often said that it seemed like we had known each other forever instead of a few years. Neither of us had children at home and could get together whenever work schedules permitted.

Terrell was about 45 and in very good shape at about six foot one and a thin muscular build with a little premature grey hair on both his head and face. Nicki was a knock out by any standards shoulder length blond hair, a great ass and tits all on a five foot six inch frame. So an invitation to sit and have cocktails with them in a warm climate was a very easy choice indeed.

We arrived at the location listed on the paper, paid the cab driver and we both stopped short in awe of their house, actually more of a mansion. While I never knew what Terrell actually did for a living, outside of some import and export business, the house and grounds were very impressive. The front of the three story house was brick and stucco and very well landscaped with more grooming in progress by a swarm of grounds keepers. The entire compound was surrounded by a wall and we looked through a large front gate as we pressed the buzzer. ‘A voice we recognized as Nicki said,


We announced our presence and we heard Nicki scream,

“They are here!”

The gate made a buzzing sound and unlatched. We were almost through the gate with our luggage when a little man about 5 foot 4 or so approached us with Nicki not far behind. Luis assisted with our luggage as Nicki welcomed us with hugs and kisses. As we entered the front door Nicki asked,

“How was your trip”?

And before we could answer yelled into the other room and said,

“Maria, bring us a pitcher of Mojitos to the veranda and Luis take the luggage to the large guest room overlooking the garden."

We went out to the patio as Maria poured the drinks and made the usual small talk catching up on what we had all been up to the last few months since we had last gotten together. Terrell made an appearance from his office and passed on the Mojitos in favor of Scotch.

Terrell said,

“It is a very busy day but I am hopeful it will slow down the rest of the week, I have a lot of business deals in the works”, he continued as Nicki gave him the enough business talk look. Again as I really did not know what Terrell did I was fine with that.

I changed the subject and said,

“What a great place you have, I am really glad Central Patti and I could get away for a week”!

“So are we”, commented Terrell. “I thought we would have steak and lobster tonight if that is OK with the two you”?

Central Patti and I glanced at each other and smiled as she coyly said,

“That is fine with us”.

We retired to our room to freshen up before the official cocktail hour. Our room was great and had it’s own bar cart loaded with about every type of alcohol you could imagine. The cart was equipped with an ice bucket and condiment tray loaded with the usual, lemon and lime wedges, and olives. While Patti showered I fixed myself a vodka tonic with a lime. Our hosts had even remembered that I preferred diet tonic. I took my drink onto the patio balcony overlooking a small wooded area which was just before the ocean waters. Again I could not imagine what Terrell “Imported and Exported” to make enough money to have not only this place, but also a house in the Midwest and a small condo in Miami. This thought would crop up many times in the coming weeks and unfortunately, I would have my answer in the days that lie ahead.

This is Part 1 of the Reluctant Hero, the continuing Adventures of the Professor and Central Patti. Look for Part 2 coming in July and do not forget to continue to follow MySideOfTheBar for more information on all things related to, well My Side of the Bar.


NOTICE: The characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


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