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Things I learned...

During a power outage.

Recently here @MySideOfTheBar we had a power outage that lasted nearly 12 hours. As luck or fate had it this took place on a Whiskey Wednesday. Having a lot of time on my hands I could reflect on what I learned during this period.

1. You may as well open the bar as there is not much else to do.
2. It is good to have extra battery powered speakers around so you can still listen to music.
3. While it is still cool enough in the house you may as well catch a nap.
4. You have to talk to your neighbors more as everyone is outside. (You also have to hear "So the power still out?" by your neighbors across the street who still have power.)
5. It is great to have many take out options for dinner.
6. The refrigerator and freezer are still cold options for this period.
7. It is good to have a gas water heater.
8. You will be surprised how many times you try the light switch as you enter the restroom.
9. An Ipod will last at least 11 hours.
10. By the end of the n…