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The Peppermint Toddy

A friend posted a link to this "Cough Remedy" the other day and I (as most of you) this time of year had leftover candy canes. This is simply a take on the original Hot Toddy that I blogged about a few years back.

Currently I am somewhere in between allergies and a cold so I figured what could it hurt
Crumble candy canes and fill a mason jar
add 1 - 2 TBS of honey
a good squeeze of lemon fill the jar with Bourbon (of course I used Four Roses) let sit until the candy canes dissolve (about 5 hours)

Sip as needed
Did it work? Well lets just say that it did not better that simply sipping Bourbon, however it was very tasty and if you are not into sipping Whiskey you will really enjoy this.
The Professor

Peppermint Shot Glasses with Candy Cane Vodka

These look like a lot of fun and you can expect to see them @mysideofthebar next year. You can also make other types of shot glasses including ice shot glasses

The Professor

Moving Along

Moving along with this tale on an EPIC summer not all bars we visited were pool bars.

One such is actually MySideOfTheBarATL where we spend most summer days sitting and drinking

Another hangout where you will find us most Saturday mornings is Bobbers Restaurant at Alhonna Resort. Bobbers has great food and the servers are awesome.
Eating Pango
Breakfast with the best server ATL (Marion)
We also made to Franky and Louie's Beachfront Bar and Grill. This is very close to the condo and they have great outside dining and good food. Central Patti was MIA on this day but we struggled on without her.

Also if you go be sure to get your picture taken in the Big Chair

Believe it or not, we are not at the end of this EPIC Summer yet. Stay tuned for more
Cheers The Professor

Pool Bars, Pool Bars and Yet More Pool Bars

I was going to spread out the remainder of the post about all the pool bars we visited, however that would be far to many post so I decided to lump them together here. This summer we visited so many places new and old so I have a lot of post to go.

One of the next pool bars we visited was the Redhead Lake Side Grill

I really enjoyed this and almost liked it as much as the Lake Tap and Grill with a couple of exceptions. First it was a long way from homebase of MySideOfTheBarATL. Second they allowed kids 12 and over in the adult pool and third you could not smoke in the pool.
However the menu was great as was the food. I was fortunate enough to get to eat here twice during this epic summer.

We again ventured out in the Happy Ours (seemingly every other day we cruised on this stead fast vessel)

Good food, good service and great friends.

Central Patti and I ventured to the next spot alone and I have to say as far as the pool itself goes I really enjoyed this one. (nice and warm) We actual…

Tap and Grill Lake Side Brew Haus

The next stop in the Epic summer was one of no less than 5 stops and establishments with pool bars. The Tap and Grill Lake Side Brew Haus.

This is one of my favorites as I really enjoy the menu and you can smoke cigars in the pool.

We were fortunate on this day to get a ride from Captain Steve on the "Happy Ours" and the five us us had drinks on D.G. credit card while she was in Paris.

I regret I did not get a picture of us in the pool bar and if any of you that went have one please send it to me.

The Professor

Whiskey Wednesday Goes to the Dogs

The second post for the Epic Summer is on Whiskey Wednesday @mysideofthebarATL. Now while true this is not the first #WW ATL it was the largest.

We had a lot of great food and if I could remember everything I would list it. However, this dish was awesome.

We also played bags and S.M. and I were undefeatable

and on top of a great night it all went to the dogs when we allowed the pooches to invade the parkade.

The Professor

The End of the Season

Well as most of you know we spend most of our summer @MySideOfTheBarATL (At the Lake) and this summer was no different. A great summer indeed and some may even call it Epic.

I want to thank all who participated for all the good times and all the places we visited (no less than 8 bars)

Big thanks to S. and C. O. for all the boat rides. S and S. M. for doing most of the baby sitting while I was by myself a few weeks. D and D G for the sunset deck parties. (one of which was not that Epic, however what happens at a deck party stays at the deck party) and all the rest of the Usual and some Unusual suspects for this Epic summer.

I thought it may be fun to do a little recap in the next few weeks to show just how Epic a summer it was.

The season started early this year as May was a wonderful month weather wise. The first outing was on Wave Runners to the Shady Gator with S and C O.   We have been to the Gator many times over the years and the place has not changed that much. Good food and shi…

Another Joke from a Bar

A little boy was waiting for his mother
As he waited, he was approached by a man who asked, "Son, can you tell me where the Post Office is?"
The little boy replied, "Sure! Just go straight down this street a couple blocks and turn to your right."
The man thanked the boy kindly and said, "I'm the new pastor in town. I'd like you to come to church on Sunday.
I'll show you how to get to Heaven."
The little boy replied with a chuckle; "You're bullshitting me, right?
You don't even know the way to the Post Office!  

Things I learned...

During a power outage.

Recently here @MySideOfTheBar we had a power outage that lasted nearly 12 hours. As luck or fate had it this took place on a Whiskey Wednesday. Having a lot of time on my hands I could reflect on what I learned during this period.

1. You may as well open the bar as there is not much else to do.
2. It is good to have extra battery powered speakers around so you can still listen to music.
3. While it is still cool enough in the house you may as well catch a nap.
4. You have to talk to your neighbors more as everyone is outside. (You also have to hear "So the power still out?" by your neighbors across the street who still have power.)
5. It is great to have many take out options for dinner.
6. The refrigerator and freezer are still cold options for this period.
7. It is good to have a gas water heater.
8. You will be surprised how many times you try the light switch as you enter the restroom.
9. An Ipod will last at least 11 hours.
10. By the end of the n…

Wet Tee Shirt Contest

Ok so I have been to quite a few wet tee shirt contest in my day and Central Patti has even participated in a few. Recently as an observer (I have also been a judge at a couple) I was sipping on a cocktail and thinking that chaos was reigning on this hot summer day. There did not seem to be any rules! So out of the chaos comes this:

The Professor's Rules for Wet Tee Shit Contests

1. NO MEN!
2. Everyone starts with the same tee shirt and can modify from there
3. The tee shirt MUST remain on all all times and can not be pulled down or lifted up over the breasts. It is a wet tee shirt contest not a Ms. Nuddie contest. (although I am not opposed to this as a separate event)
4. Bottoms must be left on, it is a wet tee shirt contest not a hottest ass contest. (again not opposed to that as a separate event)
5. There has to be two classes, Real and Modified. (sorry Central Patti)
6. Judging will consist of the following categories.
Overall Shape and Size
Shirt Modification and F…

The JT

So a few weeks back a few of the Usual Suspects and a couple of Sudo Usual Suspects were sitting around at MySideOfTheBarATL have a few cocktails when J.R. suggested a recipe for some cocktail that I can not remember the name of. (go figure) anyway we dug through the cupboards and we were short one ingredient, walnut bitters. We tried the cocktail with angostura bitters but I was not that impressed

When next I returned I added walnut bitters and the JT was born

3 ounces of Bourbon
1/2 - 1 ounce of Amaretto
4 dashes of Walnut bitters
splash of pure maple syrup

Add ingredients to a rock glass with ice and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge or slice

Thanks to J.R and A.M for the recipe and the name. If you are really curious about the name, well you had to be there.

The Professor

Roy and Bella

A true love story...

So as most of you know during the summer MySideOfTheBar moves to the lake. or #mysideofthebaratl.

I do a lot of walking for exercise and pick up trash along the road. Now I know what your thinking, what does this have to do with a bar. Well be patient and you will learn.

So last week I was out walking and at the bottom of the hill I spied a brown pit bull. I realize the pit bulls have a bad reputation and one of the canine "Usual Suspects" is my buddy Leo who is very, very gentle. However this dog had it's ears back and tail down so I steered wide right. I made another round on the hills and this time the dog was at the top of the hill so I steered wide left. On the next lap the dog was no where to be found.  I was on my way back to the condo when lady in an older Ford Bronco stopped my and asked if I knew who this dog belonged to. She had picked the dog at the top of the hill and was looking for it's owner.

I replied that I did not and she went …

Blind Vodka Tasting

Recently @MySideOfTheBar for no particular reason we have been collecting a lot of Vodka. Central Patti and I do like our Martini's, however the Vodka supply was still growing. So we decided it might be fun again to invite some of the "Usual Suspects KC" over and see if they could pick out their favorites in a blind tasting.

Here was the Line Up

Kettle One (My favorite go to Martini Vodka)
Clear 10
Kirkland (Costco's imported Vokda)
Ménage a Trois
Gray Goose

You can read more on Clear 10 by following the link, however Clear 10 is crafted in Olathe KS and takes pride in the fact is uses no preservatives, sugar, citric acid and is gluten free.

We had 7 tasters (8 if you count that Central Patti did the tasting twice) and each was served a chilled portion from a glass pitcher that was passed around the table. There were crackers to cleanse their pallets between each sample.

So here is the winners (and losers)

Number 6 Clear 10
Number 5 Kettle One (obviously the…

Everyone Needs a Hobby

As most of you know I am a spectator/fan for Central Patti when she runs one of her many races. Recently she was running the Garmin half marathon in Lenexa KS and we were staying at the Embassy Suites (which just happen to be where the starting line was).

After Central Patti started I went back inside and had a cup of coffee. At 8 I decided it was time for a drink (OTG) This Embassy had an excellent bar, however it was not open yet. I went to the front desk to make a query on the hours.

I asked the young lady at the desk, "What time does the bar open?"

She replied, "Not until 11:00."

I smiled and said, "I am not sure I can wait that long."

Trying to be helpful she gave me a couple of options, "The Burger King and a few other places are open across the street where you can get some food."

I smiled again and replied, "I am not looking for food, I am looking for a drink."

With a puzzled look she replied, "This early?"

To her I s…

Cigar Lounge Etiquette

I seem to get asked this question more than any other lately.

"If I go into a Cigar Lounge do I have to buy a Cigar to sit and smoke one?"

The short answer is yes, absolutely.

To explain, when you sit in a Cigar Lounge and smoke a stick you are taking up space. Every inch of a business has to be accounted for.  So if you sit and smoke for 30 - 90 minutes or longer they are making zero dollars for the space you are taking up. Even if  you buy a stick and sit for that long they are not making much money for the time you are using that space.

We all want nice lounges to sit and enjoy a stick in, especially when the weather is inclement and even just to socialize. I realize that you can purchase a stick on the internet for up to 300% cheaper, however by doing this and then smoking them in your lounge you are not supporting that lounge. If you do not support your local lounges they may not be around for long. A Cigar Shop/Lounge has to sell a lot of sticks just to make ends meet.…

Henry Clay Stalk Cut

I learned about this stick about a month or so back while at a Cigar event. A couple of weeks ago a KCTobacPack member (B.F.) was kind enough to give me a stick so I thought I would give it a review.

For those of us not familiar with what "Stalk Cut" is (I had to look it up myself) Stalk cutting is a process whereby the entire tobacco plant is cut at the base and hung by its stalk to cure in a barn. This process allows the tobacco to retain the nutrients from the stalk and imparts a richer and earthier flavor profile.

When first lighting this cigar it is very, very mild. In fact so mild to me I was a little disappointed, that is until I was about half way through the stick. While still a little mild for my taste, the flavor came alive in the second half with lots of spice.

To be fair I will need to try at least another for comparison (the one I had was the Toro) and at the price of about $6 - $9 a stick I would say give one a try.

The Professor

This Always Pisses Me Off ETAL

Ok, just a few quick posts. This morning I had one of the worst Bloody Marys of all time at McFaddens while waiting for Central Patti to run a 12 K (whatever a K is) They use Mr T's Bloody Mary mix or something like that. Why not just give up if all you can do when  you make a Bloody Mary is use a crap mix That is really lazy and shows no respect for your customers. I have ranted on this before, but had to vent again. The only good/acceptable mixers for a Bloody Mary is Tabasco or 7 Pepper. Every thing else just plan sucks. Buy some tomato juice and you have all the spices you ever need in your refrigerator and cupboard.

Also while I am ragging on McFaddens they do not even carry grapefruit for a Greyhound. WTF? Now on the plus side, they have hot bartenders and waitresses in very nice outfits complete with high socks.

Now on the flip side, the Westin at Crown Center makes their Bloody Mary's from scratch (I watched them make it) and put use Spicy V8 for their base. A very bol…

New Contest

A quick on this post. In the picture below

You will see two stacks of cigar boxes. Comment with the total height of both stacks of boxes and win a prize especially selected for you.

The Professor

Hell-Cat Maggie

Yes it has been awhile since I last posted. Lots happening here @MySideOfTheBar in the last month. A few new Cigar Lounges to tell you about. Many great cigars. A few mishaps and some great new Whiskeys.

One of the many things I enjoy about Whiskey Wednesday is all the different Whiskeys the gang brings by. Hell-Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey is one that really caught me by surprise. The Enforcer introduced us to this Whiskey on a Whiskey Wednesday not long ago.

When drinking this Whiskey you cannot help noticing the superior taste and quality of authentic Irish whiskies like Tullamore D.E.W, Teeling. The Whiskey is very smooth and has a small hint of caramel in the finish. It must have been good, because the bottle did not last through the night.

Now the story of Hell-Cat Maggie the person is very interesting. See below*
The box states, A Unique Blend of the Finest Irish Craftsmanship & American Know-How. Which is a good overall perspective. Another review stated "a good alternati…

Bring Back the Home Cocktail Party, Martini or Happy Hour

I ran across this idea a week or so back and thought I would provide my own twist to it. Not that this is anything that new for us and if you are a "Usual Suspect" you have been to many of my Martini Hours.

So here are my reasons to bring back home Cocktail Parties as opposed to going out.

1. You get to pick the group of individuals you want around when you are drinking. If you have been out to many bars lately you know what I am talking about. You don't have to worry about loud obnoxious individuals spilling drinks on you. (Hopefully ;) )

2. No lines at the bathroom. Well maybe a short wait and hopefully not following C.O. in line

3. You get to control the music selection and volume. Nothing is more annoying than music so loud you can not have a conversation. You may need to have someone watch the stereo and hopefully they won't get jiggy with it.

4. You get to use all the glass ware you have been collecting for years.

5. You get to show off your Mixology Skills! To …