Everyone Needs a Hobby

As most of you know I am a spectator/fan for Central Patti when she runs one of her many races. Recently she was running the Garmin half marathon in Lenexa KS and we were staying at the Embassy Suites (which just happen to be where the starting line was).

After Central Patti started I went back inside and had a cup of coffee. At 8 I decided it was time for a drink (OTG) This Embassy had an excellent bar, however it was not open yet. I went to the front desk to make a query on the hours.

I asked the young lady at the desk, "What time does the bar open?"

She replied, "Not until 11:00."

I smiled and said, "I am not sure I can wait that long."

Trying to be helpful she gave me a couple of options, "The Burger King and a few other places are open across the street where you can get some food."

I smiled again and replied, "I am not looking for food, I am looking for a drink."

With a puzzled look she replied, "This early?"

To her I said, "Everyone needs a hobby, some people run others drink."

Her two coworkers thought this to be funny and I head them snicker as I got on the elevator to return to my room for my backup bottle.

The Professor


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