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The Perfect Martini

As I sit at my side of the bar one of my favorite cocktails is a martini. While talking to many bartenders I have come up with a recipe for what I consider the "Perfect Martini"
The key here is to freeze everything (except vermouth as it will really freeze). Freeze the Vodka or Gin, The Shaker (Preferably the stainless steal variety), and the glass.
3 Parts Vodka or Gin 1 Part Vermouth
Shake until the shaker is to cold to hold on to (which is why you want to use the stainless steel variety)
Pour into a chilled glass and if you have small ice chips floating you have created the "Perfect Martini" Garnish to choice and I prefer mozzarella and prosciutto stuffed olives. You can even add a little olive juice if you prefer a dirty martini.