This Always Pisses Me Off ETAL

Ok, just a few quick posts. This morning I had one of the worst Bloody Marys of all time at McFaddens while waiting for Central Patti to run a 12 K (whatever a K is) They use Mr T's Bloody Mary mix or something like that. Why not just give up if all you can do when  you make a Bloody Mary is use a crap mix That is really lazy and shows no respect for your customers. I have ranted on this before, but had to vent again. The only good/acceptable mixers for a Bloody Mary is Tabasco or 7 Pepper. Every thing else just plan sucks. Buy some tomato juice and you have all the spices you ever need in your refrigerator and cupboard.

Also while I am ragging on McFaddens they do not even carry grapefruit for a Greyhound. WTF? Now on the plus side, they have hot bartenders and waitresses in very nice outfits complete with high socks.

Now on the flip side, the Westin at Crown Center makes their Bloody Mary's from scratch (I watched them make it) and put use Spicy V8 for their base. A very bold move I must say, but it works.

Not another rant, I was at Lida's the other night and they were out of Kettle One Vodka, again WTF? How can you run out of one of the best Vodkas on the planet? Well I substituted Belvedere and that was not a bad substitute. By the way the food at Lida's is outstanding and it should go on your bucket list.

One more item this week which is an interesting piece of trivia and a question from one of my loyal followers.

The question is: Where did the term Stogie come from in regards to a Cigar?

Well  here you go

Named after the place of manufacture, Conestoga Township, Pennsylvania. Etymology 2: Short for Conestoga the type of wagon in which American settlers rode west in the 19th century. Evidently the wagon drivers were fond of one particular type of long, thin cigar, which came to be known as a "stogie," a slang term later applied to any cheap cigar.

The Professor


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