Henry Clay Stalk Cut

I learned about this stick about a month or so back while at a Cigar event. A couple of weeks ago a KCTobacPack member (B.F.) was kind enough to give me a stick so I thought I would give it a review.

For those of us not familiar with what "Stalk Cut" is (I had to look it up myself) Stalk cutting is a process whereby the entire tobacco plant is cut at the base and hung by its stalk to cure in a barn. This process allows the tobacco to retain the nutrients from the stalk and imparts a richer and earthier flavor profile.

When first lighting this cigar it is very, very mild. In fact so mild to me I was a little disappointed, that is until I was about half way through the stick. While still a little mild for my taste, the flavor came alive in the second half with lots of spice.

To be fair I will need to try at least another for comparison (the one I had was the Toro) and at the price of about $6 - $9 a stick I would say give one a try.

The Professor


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