Pool Bars, Pool Bars and Yet More Pool Bars

I was going to spread out the remainder of the post about all the pool bars we visited, however that would be far to many post so I decided to lump them together here. This summer we visited so many places new and old so I have a lot of post to go.

One of the next pool bars we visited was the Redhead Lake Side Grill

I really enjoyed this and almost liked it as much as the Lake Tap and Grill with a couple of exceptions. First it was a long way from homebase of MySideOfTheBarATL. Second they allowed kids 12 and over in the adult pool and third you could not smoke in the pool.

However the menu was great as was the food. I was fortunate enough to get to eat here twice during this epic summer.

We again ventured out in the Happy Ours (seemingly every other day we cruised on this stead fast vessel)

Good food, good service and great friends.

Central Patti and I ventured to the next spot alone and I have to say as far as the pool itself goes I really enjoyed this one. (nice and warm) We actually like this place so much we went back a second time. It is close to homebase and easy to park a Wave Runner at. The Lazy Gator


Is on the same property as the Shady Gator (a frequent stop of ours) However the Lazy Gators not features the Lazy Baja Club Cantina and Tequila Bar. Loved the food here and believe it or not I had the fish tacos and they were great. (Mahi, Mahi of course)

A nice place to people watch and a great view of the lake. You can also play lots of games and in the evening they have live music.

The last Pool Bar we visited this summer we also took Wave Runners to. 

Coconuts Caribbean Beach Bar and Grill

Coconuts had been a summer stop for us since it first opened in 2011. All I can say is the food is good (although the menu this summer looked to be trimmed back) and it is an all day/night party. The DJ who remembers us each year is great as well and always buys us shots. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

While this was the recap of the pool bars it is not the last of the many trips we made this Epic Summer.


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