The End of the Season

Well as most of you know we spend most of our summer @MySideOfTheBarATL (At the Lake) and this summer was no different. A great summer indeed and some may even call it Epic.

I want to thank all who participated for all the good times and all the places we visited (no less than 8 bars)

Big thanks to S. and C. O. for all the boat rides. S and S. M. for doing most of the baby sitting while I was by myself a few weeks. D and D G for the sunset deck parties. (one of which was not that Epic, however what happens at a deck party stays at the deck party) and all the rest of the Usual and some Unusual suspects for this Epic summer.

I thought it may be fun to do a little recap in the next few weeks to show just how Epic a summer it was.

The season started early this year as May was a wonderful month weather wise. The first outing was on Wave Runners to the Shady Gator with S and C O.   We have been to the Gator many times over the years and the place has not changed that much. Good food and shitty bath rooms. Good live music and a really awesome view.

This was a fairly uneventful day, except for the hour rain storm we had to drink through ;)

We left a tad early and got a little wet on the return ride. However little did we know at this moment that we had very little time left with one of the Wave Runners.



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