Roy and Bella

A true love story...

So as most of you know during the summer MySideOfTheBar moves to the lake. or #mysideofthebaratl.

I do a lot of walking for exercise and pick up trash along the road. Now I know what your thinking, what does this have to do with a bar. Well be patient and you will learn.

So last week I was out walking and at the bottom of the hill I spied a brown pit bull. I realize the pit bulls have a bad reputation and one of the canine "Usual Suspects" is my buddy Leo who is very, very gentle. However this dog had it's ears back and tail down so I steered wide right. I made another round on the hills and this time the dog was at the top of the hill so I steered wide left. On the next lap the dog was no where to be found.  I was on my way back to the condo when lady in an older Ford Bronco stopped my and asked if I knew who this dog belonged to. She had picked the dog at the top of the hill and was looking for it's owner.

I replied that I did not and she went on her way.

Now the next day I am back on the road picking up trash and a car stops and asked me if I had seen a brown pit bull. (I know, what are the odds?) I told the driver that I indeed had, however I did not have any more information except it was a lady in an older bronco., He said his name was Roy and the dog's name was Bella.

I told him I was on that particular road a lot and if he gave me his contact information maybe lighting would strike 3 times.

A week went by and I did not see Roy, Bella or the Lady in the Bronco again.

I gave Roy a call and I am happy to report that he and Bella are back together again. The lady in the Bronco took Bella to the Vet, had her checked for a chip and finding none put a flyer up in the local convince mart and Roy checked the board and boom, Bella is home.

So if you are still reading this like my loyal 10's of fans you probably want to know what this has to do with a bar and/or drinking? Well if not for all that walking I would not be able to do all the drinking I do ;)

The Professor


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