The Peppermint Toddy

A friend posted a link to this "Cough Remedy" the other day and I (as most of you) this time of year had leftover candy canes. This is simply a take on the original Hot Toddy that I blogged about a few years back.

Currently I am somewhere in between allergies and a cold so I figured what could it hurt

Crumble candy canes and fill a mason jar
add 1 - 2 TBS of honey
a good squeeze of lemon
fill the jar with Bourbon (of course I used Four Roses)
let sit until the candy canes dissolve (about 5 hours)

Sip as needed

Did it work? Well lets just say that it did not better that simply sipping Bourbon, however it was very tasty and if you are not into sipping Whiskey you will really enjoy this.


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