K.C. Power and Light

A couple of weeks back we were supposed to have a reunion of the Moberly Rat Pack here in Kansas City. You may remember the Moberly Rat Pack from other posts, but if not it is comprised of four of us that used to hang out when we lived in Moberly. The Doctor, The Professor (me), Central Patti and Mr. Bill. Well Central Patti, The Doc and I did manage to get together and while we missed Mr. Bill we had one great day.

No one in our trio had every been to the Power and Light District here in K.C. despite the fact that Central Patti and I have lived here a little over two years. We started at the afternoon at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium.

This is one unique bar with 76 beers on tap and dozens and dozens of other beers from all over the world. The unique thing about the Flying Saucer (yes it is a chain) is the U.F.O. Club. To become a member you pay 18:00 and you receive a free T-Shirt and a swipe club which tracks your beer consumption. Once you reach 200 beers consumed you get your own “saucer” to personalize and hang on the wall.

There was actually a young lady sitting at the counter who had one saucer up on the wall and was well along the path to here second saucer. If you would have seen this young lady it was not hard to imagine that she could actually drink that many beers. (no, not all in one sitting)

From The Flying Saucer we walked around the corner to one of the locations of Johnny’s Tavern. (there are actually 6 locations in K.C.). Johnny’s was a great bar, very comfortable and relaxing and the bartender, Ashley was very cute and provided great service.

We next went to the Raglan Road Irish Pub. This is a very high end Irish Pub and we would have liked to stayed longer and had something to eat, especially after looking at the menu, but we had our dinner destination already picked for the evening.

We decided earlier in the day to have our dinner at Makers Mark Bourbon House and Lounge.

The weather was great and we could sit out on the very nice patio for dinner. The meals were all excellent. We started with Surf & Turf which is Ahi Tuna, avocado pulp, carpaccio style beef tenderloin and the Bourbon Glazed Steak Skewers. Both were nice portions and very tasty. I had the Old Mill Chop that came with bourbon glazed baked apple slices. The Doc had a Kansas City Strip and except that it was a little over cooked he still thought it one of the best steaks he had eaten in quit some time. Central Patti after the appetizers settled for a bowl of steak soup and the bowl was very, very large, but Patti gave it the thumbs up.

We finished the meal and headed to Kellys Westport Inn for cigars on the new smoking rooftop, which I am happy to report is a cigar friendly smoking environment.

The entire evening was topped off by drinks at Harry’s on their great patio. All in all the reunion was a great time and we had a great day in K.C.



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