Riding the Rails, Clickety Clack

A few weeks back we took the Amtrak from K.C. to Naperville Ill. and as usual we had a great time. If you have never taken the opportunity to travel by train you do not know what you are missing. I recommend for your first trip nothing over four hours just in case you may not enjoy train travel. Also this will keep the price at a minimum and I recommend choosing your travel dates that are not during the peek seasons. (From around June 15th to August 15th.) to avoid high ticket prices

You will be pleasantly surprised by the size of the train cars and the size of the seats. The cars are two levels with the lower level where you put your luggage when boarding, handicap seating and the rest room/changing rooms.

We generally sit in the club car (now called the observation car) where they have many booths and seats and then entire care is plexieglass so you can see the beautiful sites as you travel.

You can even carry on your own food and drinks and yes this means you can carry on your own bar! While the club car has a nice bar/snack bar on the lower level you can never be certain that they will have what you wish to drink.

We generally premix our drinks and have them in containers as individual servings and then carry a back pack cooler with nothing but ice. We pour the drinks into travel mugs for convenience and to avoid any spillage as a train can make sudden jerks and jolts.

There is also a dinning car where you can get a nice meal for a moderate price, however they do seat you family style with 4 per table so if you are a party of two you will sit with someone you do not know. The time we ate in the dinning car we did have our own table and it was a lot of fun.

Once you arrive in Naperville there is a great bar about 10 steps from the train station that we always stop for a couple after arrival. The Orazio Pub is an area landmark and has had several different names in the ten years we have been riding to the Naperville area.

All in all riding the rails is a great way to travel and it is like sitting in a moving bar for your trip.



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