Branch Water

I first heard of Branch Water many years ago when watching an episode of the Waltons.

The idea intrigued me as do all ideas when it comes to imbibing and improving on a cocktail or drink. Now I know there are purist that believe that adding anything to a good Whiskey is pure blasphemy and I myself kind of have some of the same thoughts. However, you may (as I have done) want to give this a try. (A bottle would also make a great Christmas Gift)

Adding the right amount of water to  your Whiskey may really surprise you and open up an entire new experience almost to the point of a new Whiskey.

History of Branch Water:

The Term Branch Water dates back to 1835 and Branch is simply another term for stream, brook or creek.

To Bourbon experts it is the water that really separates Bourbon from other Whiskeys. (To me this also applies to Scotch)

"Water, Fire and Time... The three essential elements for the manufacture of Whiskey. However, the most important of these is undoubtedly is Water" - Thieery Benitah, The Little Book of Whiskey.

In early days the water that was used to mix with the Whiskey came direct from the Branch, however as years have passed and since we all have running water, most of us get it from the Tap or other types of bottled water.  These types of water sources can lead to contamination with Iron and other flavor components that can cause adverse taste to your Whiskey.

Pure Branch Water is the same water that is used to distill your favorite spirits, thus avoiding these adverse tastes.

Give Branch Water a try, you may think it a gimmick, however you  may just give yourself a nice surprise.

To order  your own Branch Water Try

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