Quesada 40th Anniversary Salomon Press

Recently I attended the KC Cigar Festival (more on this later) and included in my gift bag was a Quesada 40th Anniversary Salomon Press stick.

AS you can see in the picture this is no ordinary looking stick and as I smoked it I can also confirm this.

Quesada released this line of cigars to commemorate Manuel Quesada's 40 years in the cigar business. The Salomon Press is a one of two limited edition pressed cigars (of the 6 in the series) featuring the San Andres blend. The key thing is that it is only pressed in the middle.

As I smoked this cigar the thing that I was most impressed with was the constancy. While some reviews state the stick has flavors of nuts, vanilla coffee etc. I only found the stick to be very full bodied with lots of spice.

My only negative comment would be the price ($12.95 US Dollars a stick) which would keep me from enjoying this fine cigar again. However, as only 10,000 were released it is doubtful if I would every find another. So I guess I am most fortunate to have run into this cigar.

The Professor


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