Flights and Flatbreads

I have blogged about the Seasons 52 before, however I thought as we revisited the establishment the other evening and had such a great time it was worth another round.

Despite the small Bourbon Selection (However they make a great Manhattan) and a Martini spilled on Central Patti (also great and the bartender comped us the cocktail) their current special is fantastic!

It is called Flights and Flatbreads which means that if you order one of their most excellent flatbreads you also have the option of a special wine flight.

You have three option for your flight, Spectacular Whites, Remarkable Reds (both 15$) and Acclaimed (90+ Points) for 20$.

Not only do you get a generous pour on the three wines in  your flight, 2 oz or more you then get to pick your favorite of the three for yet another full glass.

This was one of the best values I have yet to find on the Plaza and well the flatbread makes this combo excellent. Our entire bill was only 52$ including my Manhattan (they comped Central Patti's Martini) a Lobster and Mozzarella Flatbread, a Bacon and Fig Flat bread and two wine flights.

Great food, great evening!

The Professor


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