The Best of 2013

It is hard to believe another year has gone by here at MySideOfThebar. Like every year it was full of ups and downs, but all in all was a great year. With that in mind it is again time for the best of the year according to MySideOfTheBar.

Best Happy Hour Bar – As blogged on previously the pick this year is without a doubt is still the bar at the 
Plaza III on the Country Club Plaza in KC.  Both the drink and appetizer specials are excellent and very inexpensive and the service if fantastic. When Central Patti and I can have a happy hour for under 50 bucks they have something going on.

Best Manhattan – The winner again this year (as in the past two)is the Fogo de Chao. Vegas is an excellent mixologist providing classic cocktails with a smile and excellent service.

Honorable mention goes to the Manifesto.

Best Bar Atmosphere – The Honors this year goes to the bar in the Drum Room here in K.C. Not only a great atmosphere, but great classic cocktails

Best Place for a Martini: There are many great places for a Martini here in K.C. and the winner this year will be a surprise to all. The Bar in Bo Lings which has top shelf ingredients as well as a staff that can create the cocktails.

Best Whisky: Not even a close call again this year it was Four Roses. While the Yellow Label continues to be my choice I also enjoy all the other blends they offer from this fine distillery.

Best Surprise Whisky: This year I was really surprised as C.H. brought me a bottle of Rebel Yell Bourbon and I was most surprised by the taste and once you price this Whiskey you will also be surprised.

Best Cigar: This year the award goes to the Kristoff G.C. however it was a close call and honorable mention goes to the Alec Bradley Blackmarket.

Best Tobacco Shop: Fidel’s in Westport as Tom and his staff offer an excellent atmosphere and are highly knowledgeable in not only Cigars, but all tobacco products and accessories.
Honorable Mention: Cigar and Tobac in Overland Park

Best Vodka: Krikland’s Vodka from Costco and yes this was a huge upset here at MySideOfTheBar.

Best Roof Top Bar: Again this would have to be Randal’s Rooftop bar sitting atop of Kellys Inn in Westport. This is full service Cigar friendly, enclosed and heated in winter and open air in summer bar. Also don’t forget to grab a slice of Joe’s pizza on the lower level.

Best Liquor Store: This year Gomer’s Midtown wins the category as their selection is still one of the best in the area.


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