No I am not talking about burning bread, I am talking about using a beverage to toast to someones health, wealth or happiness. With the upcoming Holiday Season we well be seeing and participating in many toasts.

One of my favorites is attributed to Dorthy Parker:

One Martini
Two at the most
Three Martinis I am on the floor
Four I am under the host

What is your least favorite you ask? Send all inquiries to C.O. she knows ;)

However I digress from my original point. With all the Holiday toasts that will be flying around we should not forget to toast life's everyday moments. A good sunrise or sunset, good friends and family or even a good cup of coffee. (Yes you can toast with coffee) One of the Baypoint "Usual Suspects" (D.G.) favorite lines if "Life is Good" and this statement is reason enough to make a toast.

The Professor


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