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Recently one of the Usual Suspects from Fidel's Cigar Shop, Gary Moore has started a venture into the world of Cigar Making. If you don't know how much work this is just do some internet research and you will find that it not only takes a lot of effort, but also capital.

You have to get your product on the shelf in business' which is also easier said than done.

The stick I was given to try was the BlackNight King Solomon.

Size: 7 1/4 X 56

Wrapper: Corojo Filler: Dominican Dlor Plant from Cuban seed grown in the Dominican Republic Binder: Dominican

SRP: 16.50 to 18.50 USD
First 1/3

The stick due to it's nipple foot is very easy to light (which I really enjoy in a cigar) even in the most difficult weather. If you have cut the stick correctly you will find the draw to be very easy. You will immediately get a spice, wood/leather taste that is nice and smooth.

Second 1/3

Second verse same as the first, still smooth with the only difference being the flavors are not quite as full which I attribute to tobacco combinations.

Last 1/3

More spice and less of the leather/wood which leads to a great finish. A nice even burn and not hot as you approach the end of the smoke.

Due to the light wrapper I was initially skeptical because a most of you know I enjoy a real full body stick. However I was more that surprised at the mild to full body qualities of this stick in a mild bodied cigar. I really enjoyed this stick and with the size I was able to get a little over two hours of good smoking. G.M. prefers to keep the cigar maker on the down low for now, but if things keep progressing will make it available in the near future.

Where to buy: Currently in the KC Area at the 801 Chop House, The Haus Bar and very soon at the Teocali  Restaurant. Or if you are like me you can find Gary Moore very easily enjoy a good cocktail and one of his find cigars out and about in the KC area. I was honored to be one of the first to review this stick and look forward to more from BlackKnight Cigars

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