The Transgression Part I

While Sitting at MySideOfTheBar one Sunday afternoon drinking and chatting with the Usual Suspects and some Regulars as a stranger walked I had never seen in this local watering hole before. The only available bar stool was next to me so he asked if the seat was taken and sat down before I could reply.

We started to chat

“We were having some beers and swappin I don’t cares”

The conversation turned to our professions and our background

"Talking politics, blonde and redhead chicks
Old dogs and new tricks, and habits we ain't kicked"

when he started to tell a story about his youth and from the sounds of the story we were about the same age. Well the more he talked the more interesting the story and the less I talked. We all have had our transgressions he continued on.

Transgressions, we have all had them. Some transgressions are personal, some are private and some, by their very nature become public. Some transgressions have consequences known only to the transgressor while others become known to a wider scope. Other transgressions while secret to only a select few may actually leave the deepest cuts. Such was the case on a cold fall day as I sat on the front porch smoking a cigar and sipping on a glass of bourbon. The sky was gray and overcast as was my mind with my wife was out of town.

I could hear the children playing up the street in the park and as I sat on the porch that overlooked the street from on high. Two squirrels were chasing each other around the big oak down by the street. I sat at the small bistro table I had the feeling of master of all I surveyed.

I heard a car door close from the direct of the driveway on my left. I turned and observed a very attractive young woman who appeared to be in her early to mid twenties starting up the walkway.

“Can I help you,” I asked?

She stopped to answer and I looked at her face and my mind rushed back like a jet to a time 25 years earlier.

Be sure to browse by next month for Part Two of “The Transgression” and do not forget to stop by MySideOfTheBar regularly.

The Professor


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