5 Whiskeys You Should Be Drinking Now

Ok, I know I stole this idea from some place else (can't remember where), however the others I have read like this I don't exactly agree with so I am going to write my own version.

As most of you, as my loyal followers know I get to sample a lot of Whiskey (some good, some not as good). When I rate any spirit the one thing I always factor in is price point. If I pay 200$$ for a bottle of Whiskey I expect great things from it, however when I find a Whiskey I really enjoy for under 25$$ I get really excited.

All dollar amounts are in U.S. Currency and I have each of these in stock her @MySideOfTheBar.
So here we go


Lismore Single Malt - A friend introduced me to this fine Speyside Scotch and I found it to be very, very smooth. At the price of $25.00 on average this Scotch proved to be a great surprise as I normally think of Scotch in the forty dollar range as the low end for a Scotch Whiskey.


Canadian Club Whisky has long been one of my favorites (even before watching Mad Men) and to me is the best in Canadian Whisky. It is refuted to have been the Whisky of choice of Al Capone and also the original Whisky used in a Manhattan (a point I refute) Priced on average under $20.00 a bottle this Whisky is a great deal.


Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey was an accidental discovery one night while I was out and about and ordered a Manhattan which used Abraham Overholt's Whiskey as it's base spirit. I was very, very surpised how good it was. Now imagine my surprise when out shopping I found out it was priced at $12.00! You can find it at most liquor stores for an average of $14.00.


I really would like to add a high dollar Whiskey in this section after recently sampling Jack Daniels Sinatra Select (it is a rough job but someone has to do it), however I want to keep this on the affordable pace so for my Tennessee Sipping Whiskey I am going back to one of my old favorites, Gentleman Jack. Priced on average at $25.00 it is a real find and at that price you will not hesitate to drink it how you like it.


The one thing I really like about Irish Whiskey is the smooth finish and different characteristics you get from each individual distillery. To me Jameson is what Irish Whiskey should be. I am including the Jameson Black Barrell here even though it is a little more expensive ($35.00 on average), but give it a try and I think you will understand why. Interesting fact the founder, John Jameson was actually a Scot and you need to Google his story and I thought it was fascinating.


I saved the best for last and I know you the reader probably get tired of hearing about Four Roses Yellow Label, however great Bourbon is great Bourbon. I discovered this in 2008 in Paris France of all places and have had a love affair with it ever since. I am buying currently on sale for $13.00 a bottle and you can normally find it on average at $17.00 Excellent on the rocks, neat or in your favorite Cocktail.

Closing Thoughts
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