Increasing your Bar Knowledge

If you are like me you are always looking for ways to increase your knowledge of all things related to mixology. I have added several books, software and apps to my rolling stock and I am including a few here for you.


The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks – I generally Tweet this during the holiday season as part of the 25 Days of Christmas @mysideofthebar. To me this is the Bartenders Bible and a must have for every bar. While some of the references are outdated, overall this is a great read and contains many great cocktail references and recipes.

To Have and Have Another – Not only an excellent read and a must have for all Hemingway enthusiast, but also a great source of cocktail knowledge.


Mr. Bartender App – For either Android or IPhone/IPad this is a great app loaded with thousands of recipes and is free. You can also add your own drinks to the list (assuming you have one that is not included). One neat feature that is fun, especially for parties is the “Shake” feature which will choose a random drink from the massive inventory of concoctions.

Speakeasy Cocktails – While not a free app it is well worth the price of 9.99 USD. You get the history of cocktails starting around the 1930’s and many great ideas for stocking your bar with alcohol, mixers and other bar paraphernalia. The only down side is that it is only available for IPhone/IPad.


Never underestimate the power of the internet and with all the portable devices you have the entire resources of the world of mixology at your immediate and convenient disposal. Here are a few of my favorite sites.

The Intoxicologist- Not only does this site have thousands upon thousands of great drink recipes and reviews there are also categories on bar basics, holidays,  and even a large number of stock photos of cocktails. – Another great site on the history, people, products and drink recipes of the world of imbibing.

The Vodka Dude – Great site for all things Vodka including recipes, infusion, shots and food. The Vodka Dude scours the world for reviews of all things Vodka.

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