The Reposado ‘96

As you know I do not write all that many Cigar reviews, a habit I hope to break in the coming months here at MySideOfTheBar. However I have for the last couple of years along with one of the Usual Suspects been in search of the illusive three or four dollar stick. A search I have failed at until recently.

I discovered and took a chance on the Reposado ’96 I found in perusing the pages of Cigar International. Again, the main reason for the purchase was the price and also the size of the Cigar, a big 7.1 x 58. 

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of such an expensive stick (about 2.50 USD per stick in a box of 40) A Nicaragua Stick, made from rich, Cuban-seed tobaccos. These Cigars have a creamy bouquet with notes of coffee and nut that complement the rich tobacco core perfectly, while a long, somewhat sweet/spicy finish. 

There are three varieties of Reposado ’96 available, Maduro, Habano, and Connecticut. I have only sampled the Maduro (big surprise I know) however I am very impressed with this stick and at the price they are a steal.

Yes back by popular demand by the tens of you that have sent in request, another review by our guest reviewer J-Dub @360photography.

 It was 7:10 pm, my blind date is a no show. One last look through the resturant , nothing. However, there is a beautiful lady sitting in the corner all alone, Do I dare, should I, no she is out of my league. I turn to the hostess and she  ask if I will be dinning in, I simply say, "I'll take Table 36 please" she grins and says, "why yes sir coming right up". I have a seat in the bar and light my Integrity, a nice bold flavor fills the air, everyone looks, the old man nodes with approval, the frat boys look up to me as someone they want to be. Then out of no where the lady from the corner is standing in front of me. She says " is this a Table 36?"  I say yes, forgetting about my blind date. She slides into the bar next to me and says, " you must be Jeff" I take a long draw and let the smoke roll off my lips and I calmly say yes I am, I have been exspecting you. Good things happen when you have Integrity.

J-DuBB scale - 9 out of 10

The Professor



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