Bulleit Bourbon Part II

This is the second part of Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey 10 Year.

A History of the Family and Frontier Whiskey (as Told by Tom Bulleit)

My great great grandfather was Augustus Bulleit who left France for New Orleans in 1800, just three years before the Louisiana Purchase. He was an adventurous soul and left little record of his early years. But it is known that he traveled by flat boat up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers from New Orleans, where he worked his way into the whiskey business.

The Frontier Spirit

In those days the frontier was just down the road. It was full of danger and dare, hard work and hardship. It was a period that shaped the spirit and character of our nation. It gave us smile lines and great stories, but also a few grey hairs. And as these brave souls moved west, legend has it that my great, great grandfather's bourbon traveled with them.

My Old Kentucky Home

My wife Becky is descended from her namesake, Elizabeth Callaway, who was kidnapped during the Revolutionary War outside of fort Boonesborough in 1776 and later married one of her rescuers, the first ever performed in Kentucky, and officiated by her uncle and Justice of the Peace, Daniel Boone.

What it Means to be a Bulleit 

It seems that my great, great grandfather Augustus Bulleit and I are kindred spirits, sharing the believe that every person can create his own legacy. That we can all give something to the world that we and our families can be proud of. When I revived his bourbon recipe, I worked very hard to live up to these expectations. And I am quite certain this bourbon would make him proud. -Tom Bulleit

I agree with Tom

The Professor 


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