The Renaissance Festival

Gather round you Maids, Mistresses, Sirs, Lords and Lasses as we took the chance to carouse at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this harvest and dry and parch'd tankard.

Yes we had the good fortune to take MySideOfTheBar to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival this fall and had a wonderful time stepping back into the days of yore.

The festival runs for 7 weekends (Labor Day to Columbus Day) and each weekend has a different theme. The Festival includes 20 Entertainment Venues, live armored jousting, Food and Drink Fit for a King, over 100 artisan booths and a great way to spend a day.

This was our third year and we always start the day off by visiting the booth of Captain Goldtooth to pick up a tankard or a wine glass to use as we explore the festival. Or course we have to stop at one of the many pubs and pick up some grog or ale.

Our favorite watering hole at the Ren Fest is the Canterbury Inn which is an open air pub that also hosts a small bar top humidor and covered patio which on this day proved to be a great find as we did have some afternoon showers.

The Royal Court

The Joust

The morning however the weather was excellent and we attended Slay the Dragon, attended the King and Queen’s Royal Court, stopped in many a pub for tankard refills, shopped in the royal bizarre and had a great time with family and friends.



  1. I am ready for the reluctant hero part V. Quit holding back on it!

    From: A Baypointer from across the parking lot!

  2. Part IV is available and has been


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