Fall Walkabout and Fountain Crawl

With all that has been happening here at MySideOfTheBar this fall such as Renaissance Festivals, Sock Ops, Fishing Tournaments and yes lets not forget the fourth coming “The Reluctant Hero Part V we decided to take last weekend and not do much of anything.

Central Patti and I have been talking about creating our own picture book of all the fountains in Kansas City. In case you did not know it Kansas City is know as the City of Fountains and ranks second to only Rome for number of fountains.

We started the day by stopping at O’Dowd’s Little Dublin on the Plaza to enjoy the 85+ temps on the great roof top patio with a couple of drinks.

We then stopped to take several pictures along the way to our next stop at Figilos for a few more drinks and a couple of appetizers. We were fortunate to hit there right at happy hour; and their happy hour menu is great. All well drinks are 3$$ and all happy hour menu items are only 5$$. We had an order of Calamari and an order of Italian Meatballs. Both were portions enough for two and the Calamari is the best I have ever had in the Midwest.

From there we headed to Westport and Fidel’s to pick up a few cigars from our humidor and then we went to a new spot, The Beer Kitchen (review to follow in a couple of weeks) While in the Beer Kitchen, Central Patti discovered a new Vokda, Chambord Flavored Vodka (new Martini recipes to follow at MySideOfTheBar on Twitter) Central Patti had one with 7-Up and liked it so much picked up bottle for our rolling stock.

After a couple of drinks at the Beer Kitchen we headed back to our place with a stop at The Point where we landed right in the middle of October Fest. We had heard nothing about this and judging by how few people were attending neither had anyone else. The Grape Stomping Tournament was mildly amusing, but we were dismayed that they had run out of the giant beer mugs and it looked like they had only about 30 to start the day, which seemed to me very odd. We did have Spaten Oktoberfest beer which we had some experience with and was a great way to end our Fountain Crawl.

Very relaxing day seeing just a few of the fountains in the area while enjoying the great un-fall like weather and some of our old hangouts while trying a few new ones.



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