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At a request from a "Usual Suspect" (A.M.) I decided to get in one more post before the end of 2015. The question was what should I stock my bar cart with?

Now while it is true I have several blogs (see links at the end of this post) I have never addressed the bar cart and this could prove tricky due to space restrictions. I always wanted to have an antique bar cart and in a way I do.

The only difference is mine is technically not a cart.

So here we go...

You will want to stock the base liquors and I recommend a mid-range quality as you are limited on space.

Vodka: Absolute modest price, but a good quality vodka

Gin: I really do not like skimping on gin as this is the base for a good martini. So Hendricks is my choice here. However a nice quality at a very modest price is New Amsterdam.

Whiskey: Well here is where you can really go crazy, however for Whiskey Cocktails I recommend on Bourbon and one Rye Whiskey, I would go with Four Roses Yellow Label and Old Overholt Rye.

Rum: Yes Rum and Coke is huge for most cocktail gatherings. I would go with Bacardi White. Great for most cocktails and while some really enjoy the Captain, spiced rums are good for basically a single emergency cocktail.

That should be a great start. Of course you going to want to invest in some tools tools of the trade like an Ice Bucket, Martini Shakers, Muddlers etc. and luck for you I  have a past article(s) on this topic.

Tools of the Trade

Also the following two post should be of assistance in choosing/stocking you bar cart.

Stocking Your Bar for Your First Cocktail Party


Expanding Your Bar

Decanters are a great addition to your bar cart and again here is a past post on this topic.

I also had a post a couple of years back on Items You Need for Your Home Bar. Which seems to apply to bar carts as well.

I also wrote a series of articles on the challenges of stocking your home bar and here they are

Part I
Part II
Part III

A couple more past posts that seem to apply as well

Stocking Your bar on a Budget

More Bang for Your Whiskey Buck

Also do not forget glasses and here is a great read on bar glasses.

One final thought you can keep items in the cupboard and you cart can reflect the type of event you are having. Mexican theme, Tropical Theme, or Brunch Theme. Rotate as needed.

Any questions be sure to drop me a line

The Professor


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  2. Nice infomation. Makes me want to buy a bar cart, but I wont.


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