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I was recently on the road with MySideOfTheBar and was at a relatives home bar. This entire neighborhood went through a bar renaissance over the last 5 to 10 years where it seemed like everyone wanted to have a nice home bar. Well mission accomplished and while I have only been in a handful of the bars the ones I was fortunate enough to see were very well done.

It was during happy hour one night I discovered that while they bar had great "curb appeal" it lacked the most basic of tools of the bartender trade. I wanted to make a Manhattan for me and a Dirty Martini for Central Patti.

Earlier in the day I picked up some olives and dry vermouth and I did find a cocktail shaker so Central Patti was covered. I also picked up some limes and lemons, but discovered no sweet vermouth. No problem as I spied a bottle of bitters I proceeded to build an Old Fashioned. I could find no other tools to help in my construction so I had to improvise the best I can. So without further ado here are the basic tools I hope all of you will add to you home bars.

Now I have blogged and twitted around this topic before I thought some of you could use a reminder.

Muddler - A muddler is used to, well muddle fruit and other items in a sturdy class. The make many different styles and prices from 5 dollars up.

Bar Spoon - A bar spoon is very handy for those of you whole like to fly in the face of James Bond and have your Martinis stirred and not shaken. They also come in a variety of sizes and prices and some have a muddler on the opposite end.

A Zester or Peeler - These tools are great for adding a nice garnish to your cocktail. I like the standard kitchen peeler myself as I prefer large slices. However, the zester/peeler combo is nice as  you can make great twist very easily.

A few other items I would recommend are multi-size shot glasses, a few sturdy pint glasses, cocktail shakers and some skewers. 

As you can see that is not all that many items, however having them will make you look like you at least have a clue about your bar. If you don't want to learn the art of making cocktails then at least provide the tools for your visitors that do.

The Professor


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