The Kamikaze

The other day while reading a book and sipping on a Bloody Mary, I came across a reference to a Cocktail that while I had heard of it had never tried one, nor did I have any idea on how to make one. I cranked up one of my many bartender apps (Search Mr Bartender in the iTunes or Google app stores) and found the recipe and also discovered it was quite easy.

All you need is a good quality Vodka, some Triple Sec and Fresh (and I can't stress this enough) FRESH LIME JUICE.

1 1/2 - 3 OZ Vodka
1 OZ Triple Sec
Juice from 1 medium to large size Lime

You can either build in a cocktail glass or in a shaker
Stir or give it a quick shake

If you like more Vodka (like me) you can adjust the formula. Likewise you can add more or less of the other ingredients to suite your own taste.

A great summer Cocktail and as you see very easy to make

The Professor


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