Ok, here is one I must have missed. I was walking home the other day from the Plaza when I went by a city park and as you may imagine I was shocked by the sign I saw

I like to believe that I keep up on things here in KC, however if there was a vote on this I missed it and in doing some research I am not finding much about this new occurrence. I am most concerned about this as a tax payer and the fact (if this is indeed a fact) that I pay takes for these parks and have no say when something like this occurs?

We have to be very careful when these types of "rules" are put into play, doesn't the government have enough to worry about? (that was a rhetorical question) Once these laws go into play there is very little change of reversing them. What is next, Golf Courses? My Back Yard? The Beach? (Yes I am aware some cities already have these types of bans)

Banning indoor smoking is one thing and also something I am not in favor of as a business has the right to police it's own customer base for the good of the business. However banning smoking outdoors to me is ridiculous in a country where we do not even require those on government assistance mandatory drug testing. Wait if an individual is on assistance why can they smoke anyway? ;) Kidding here, but you get the point

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