Craft Cocktails

As most of you already know, at least those of you who follow this blog religiously I am a big fan of Classic Cocktails. (I.E. Martinis, Manhattans, Old Fashions)  Currently a big fad in the cocktail world is the emergence of Craft Cocktails. A Craft Cocktail is where a mixoligist adds a variety of ingredients in search of a new/special cocktail.

I do not have an issue per say with the premise of Classic Cocktails, but look at the following recipe 

The Basil Rickey
Gin infused with Cucumber and Fennel
Housemade Lavender Simple Syrup
Muddled Basil
Topped with Orange Bitters and Lime Juice

Now I admit this looks very appetizing, however who in a home bar carries all those ingredients? Or for that matter would even know where to begin to purchase or make some of them?

Most of the Cocktails prepared here at MySideOfTheBar have 3 ingredients as do most of the Classic Cocktails.  About the most I do as far as many, many ingredients is my Bloody Mary Recipes. You may recall my Blog on Infusing Vodka which includes the list of ingredients for both the infused vodka and Bloody Mary.  

What I have decided is the best course to follow is to continue experimenting at home with either ingredients on hand or to purchase one or two to add to my stock to create a great craft cocktail.

Here is my latest I call the Professor’s Manhattan
1 OZ Bourbon or Rye
1 OZ Amaro
1 OZ Sweet Vermouth (I prefer Dolans)
Half Teaspoon Campari
Garnish two cherries

My other option is to leave the real Craft Cocktails to the professionals and enjoy them when I am out and about.



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