Kansas City Cigar Festival II?

Recently Central Patti and I attended the 2013 Version of the KC Cigar Festival. As most of you may recall we attended a Cigar Festivalin 2010 which was touted as the first annual, however this never came to fruition as for a couple of years there was no Cigar Festival in KC.

This year’s version was hosted by Diebel’s SportsmansGallery and was on the Country Club Plaza just up the street from our place. 

The weather was very warm on this Saturday, however with Broadway shutdown and a large tent put up on the street there was ample shade and lots of places to sit. They also had a “Waterboy” constantly handing out free bottles of water to all participants. I think they could have used more fans and then the weather would not have been as much of a factor as it was.

I will not dwell on the admission fee as I thought it was a little steep, however after the four hour event we had an excellent time and by the end as we calculated all the amenities included it really was not a bad deal.

With your fee you received a nice bag of 11 cigars and a can of butane.
2 Beer Tickets for O’Dowd’s Table
2 Whiskey Tickets for the Dark Hose Distillery Table
2 Whiskey Tickets for the Kansas Clean Distillery Table
2 Tickets for Wine at the Coopers Hawk Table
and a ticket good for lunch from the Moose Truck, along with two raffle tickets for some top of the line prizes.

As  you can see above our haul also included a few other items and a great hat compliments of Alec Bradley.

We did get to chat with our friend Bill from Ashton and catch up a little on his comings and goings. 

I also do not want to forget to say that the band Tropical Dreamers which played all afternoon cranking out great tunes even in the excessive heat.

Speaking of Alec Bradley we were fortunate to have our new friend Christopher in attendance representing A.B. after all he is the manager of the territory for A.B.

We also had the pleasure meeting Barry who is the Director of Sales, Western US at Alec Bradley Cigars and were able to chat with both Christopher and Barry about cigars and many other interesting topics which if anyone would listen to us we would have solved most of the worlds problems by the end of the day.

 Christopher, Central Patti and Barry

Overall it was a great afternoon and while we were tired greatly by the heat I would have to give Diebels big thumbs up for a well run event.

I would look fwd to the "Second" (or would this be the third annual KC Cigar Fest next year. What all the Cigar Companies in the KC area need to do is get together and put on one  huge event.

The Professor

 Christopher and Central Patti

The Professor

In case you are interested here is a listing of the sticks we received in our gift bags

 Alec Bradley Cigar Co - AB Connecticut
• Altadis USA - SLR Gen2
• Arturo Fuente/ J C Newman - Arturo Fuente Double Chateau & J C Newman Perla del Mar
• Ashton - La Aroma de Cuba
• Boutique Blends - Aging Room M356
• Davidoff - Camacho Corojo Robusto
• Drew Estate - Cuenca y Blanco
• EPC Cigar - Monumentos
• General Cigar - Macanudo
• Padron Cigars - Padron 2000 Natural
• Rocky Patel - Olde World Reserve Corojo Robusto
• SAG Cigars - Fonseca CXX


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