Drinking Responsibly

I was at a lake bar recently and saw this on a cup and found in both funny and probably a great idea so I had to share.

Rules for Safe Drinking

1. Always have a designated driver
2. Give up the keys before you consume alcohol
3. Consume no more than 1 alcoholic drink and hour (WTF?)
4. If unsuccessful in steps 1 – 3 call
_________ Law Firm (the firms phone number)

I can also add a few of my own that has worked time and time again for me and with all due respects to rule 3 (yes I inserted that comment) space a glass of water between every one or two drinks.

The second is to have some food sometime during your outing as it will help absorb the alcohol.

The last is one I do not follow, but most should and that is to not mix types of alcohol during a single drinking session.

The Professor


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