Counting of the Corks and Caps 2013

Wow, how fast a year goes by and with the passing of another year here at MySideOfTheBar as you may have guessed it is time for the annual counting of the Corks and Caps.

For those of you new to this blog, this annual event is where Central Patti and I count all the Wine Bottle Corks and Liquor Bottle Caps that we have saved from the many consumed bottles here at the home of MySideOfTheBar. This does not count beverages we had at other locations or establishments.

As a review here are the last few years links and numbers. You may wish to pay attention as this information will be used later.

2011 - 2012

So for the totals for this year we called in an independent accounting firm,  Deweys - Cheatum and - Howe because this year we are having a contest.

As you can see in the picture above this was the years collection and it is up to you based on this picture and the previous years totals to guess the grand total of Corks and Caps. Send me your guess by any means  you wish (post a comment, text, email, phone call, snail mail) and I will announce the winner on Memorial Day 2013 in a comment on this blog post. So it will up to you to see if you won in order to claim you prize.

Tie Breaker: Besides Wine Corks what was the other two brands of Liquors largely represented?

Happy Counting

The Professor


  1. Due to limited entries and none that were not over the grand total I am sad to say there were no winners of this contest. The total for the year was 156



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