The Counting of the Corks

It is no secret that Central Patti and I drink copious amounts of wine, mostly Bordeaux. We do enjoy many other types of wine if we can not find a good Bordeaux, Chianti, Pinot Noir and even a few Spanish and German wines.

The year we purchased our condo we saved all the corks in a large box and when we celebrated our first anniversary we had the first annual Counting of the Corks Celebration. The festivities usually include, a nice meal, wine of course followed by the actually Counting of the Corks. The only rule is the wine had to be consumed at the House/Condo or in a restaurant while staying at the Condo. That first year the official count was 151 Corks. In the next three years we have not even come close to that number at the Condo…

However the first annual Counting of the Corks here at the Petite Masion das Westwood was 166. Yesterday we held the second Counting of the Corks celebration in K.C. and the number was

Drum Roll

157, while not a record it was not a bad year at all.


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