The Baypoint Derby

Well horse racing fans, the First Annual Baypoint Derby is over and what a race it a was.

There was a lot of pomp, circumstance and festivities all day long.

There were 22 entries this year along with a dozen or so spectators.

The big winners were

1st Place J.B. riding Grumpy
2nd Place S.O. riding Know Ass Man
3rd Place was T.R. riding Pinkie Pie

It was a close race until J.B. riding Grumpy took control about halfway down the first stretch and pulled away (Actually Cut Across the Grandstand) and by the time the pack made the turn by the dumpsters Grumpy had outdistanced the entire pack by a good or 5lengths. Know Ass Man tried coming up on the outside and make a run at wire, but was locked outside by Big Daisy #7 ridden, or should I say carried by J.C. By the time both Know Ass Man and Pinkie Pie were able to pass Big Daisy #7 it was to little to lake as Know Ass Man and Pinkie Pie finished second and third respectively.

There were several distractions in the pack provided by KC Strip ridden by P.V and Tiger’s Folly ridden by K.B. as many riders refused to pass.

KC Strip

Tiger's Folly

I want to say thanks to all the jockey’s and people that helped to make this race a huge success. Thanks to D.S. who jockeyed MS. Redneck for providing the loud speaker and to D.B. to running the sound system. A side note about D.S. as she was the person who came up with the idea for the race about a year ago.

Thank you R.W. for being our announcer and to S.S. for being the official horn blower and videographer. Also a thanks to all who brought decorations to the party and to P.V. who rode the afore mentioned KC Strip for all the hard work both on the race and our horses and for making many of her world famous Mint Juleps.

The prize for the Best Hat went to N.M. for her original design, Turkey Buzzard Surprise and judging by all the feathers on the hat I am guessing at there are least 4 or 5 Turkey Buzzards running around naked today

The Turkey Buzzard Surprise

The prize for the most original horse went to D. and D. G. on their “creation” R’Escape,


which was soon busy put out to stud with one of the common stable ponies.

Good one L.S.!

Also big thanks to all the individuals who helped to decorate for the party and all those who did all the grilling of the excellent brisket, ribs, pork and turkey.

And another thank you to all who provided the food and cooked for the Sunday Night Fish Fry.

Complete list of entries for the 1st Annual Baypoint Derby

00 One Stick Pony/R.W.
01 Small Boy/S.M.
03 KC Strip/P.V.
04 Big Daisy #7/J.C.
05 Earless/R.M.
06 Pink Lady/B.N.
07 Fantasy Girl/K.J.
08 Pinky Pie/T.R.
09 Lucky Boy/G.R.
10 3rd Times a Charm/D.G.
11 Diamond Babe/M.E.
12 Horse with No Name/C.S.
13 Didn’t Make It/S.M.
14 Horse’s Ass/L.F.
15 Barbale/C.O.
16 Know Ass Man/S.O.
17 Redneck/L.S
18 MS Redneck/D.S.
19 Grumpy/J.B.
20 Tiger’s Folly/K.B.
21. Dublin/D.T.
22. R’Escape/D. and D. G.



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