The Perfect Manhattan

For the tens of you that follow MySideOfTheBar regularly you already know I have been in search of the Perfect Manhattan for a long while. So now I am happy to report I am very near the Perfect Manhattan.

As you know the bartender of the year as rated by MySideOfTheBar is Vegas of the Fogo de Chao. He has taught me much about Mixology as well as creating Manhattans. So I can give him a lot credit for what I am about to divulge. I long ago suspected that the missing link in a Perfect Manhattan was the Vermouth, but not until recently did I uncover a great Vermouth. If you read the blog about the Extra Virgin you probably know that I discovered this missing link to a Perfect Manhattan. While Vegas taught me about zesting an orange for my garnish, he was limited by the ingredients he has at hand in his environment.

So without further ado here is the secret of a Perfect Manhattan
2 Parts Four Roses Bourbon (I prefer the Yellow Label)
1 Part Carpano Antica Vermouth (yes the missing link)
2 – 4 Dashes of Angostura Bitters (to taste)
Place all ingredients in a tall glass with ice and stir until well chilled and diluted.
Strain into a rocks glass with ice or chilled Martini glass
Zest an Orange and rim the glass
Garnish with a maraschino cherry (I infuse mine with Brandy or Four Roses Bourbon)

The interesting thing about the Carpano Antica Vermouth is that it appears to be a mystery in origin. I even had it on a menu a few weeks back as “Mystery Vermouth.” I have tried many high end Vermouths and nothing to date can compare with Carpano Antica.
To describe this Vermouth is not that easy as it boasts it is a dark, mysterious vermouth is rich, complex and layered, boasting aromas of mint and other herbs, plums and figs, reminiscent of Madeira. The rich flavors are hard to pin down: cocoa, red wine, almonds, bitter marmalade, hints of spice and toffee.
The cost is much greater (about $30.00 USD on average) but it is very much worth it.
So, now where do I go in pursuit of the Perfect Manhattan? Well stay tuned as I have yet another trick up my sleeve.
The Professor


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