The Extra Virgin KC

Ok, take you mind out of the gutter! A couple of weeks back Central Patti and I were looking for a new spot to have a couple of Cocktails and dinner. We have been using this website called Open Table to pick out new spots, make our reservations and rate establishments. By using this site you earn points and that goes to free meals at participating restaurants. Depending on the week and availability some have lots of points available. This works very, very well and so far out of the half dozen spots we have reserved a table at all reservations have been waiting for us.

There are many states and cities available on the Open Table so give it a shot.

This particular week we choose The Extra Virgin in K.C.

As you can tell by the picture it is very modern and all seats are in a bar setting, including some small cozy sofas with tables.

Our table was waiting for us when we arrived and we looked over the drink menu. For those of you that follow MySideOfTheBar you are aware of my pursuit of the "Perfect Manhattan" (see more on this in a upcoming blog)I noticed on the Cocktail menu they indeed had a Manhattan featured so I ordered one. I have to say at this point I do not get surprised often by Cocktails, but on this night I was not only surprised I was stunned. This without a doubt or any competition that I have found thus far was the best Manhattan that I have ever had! (as I said more on the Perfect Manhattan in an upcoming blog)

The menu was very delightful and featured small plates (tapas) for all entries. We ordered 4 different items and passed on the exotic items such as fried duck gizzards, duck tongue tacos and pig ear salad. We played it safe and ordered

The Cheese Plate
Roasted Cauliflower Salad
The Spanish Meatballs
Crab and Chorizo fried rice

for small plates the portions were large and we could barley finish what we ordered. The taste of the food and atmosphere were great and combined with the Perfect Manhattan and a few glasses of wine The Extra Virgin KC gets a big thumbs up from MySideOfTheBar

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