Condo Crawl 2012

It is hard to believe that this was the fifth annual Baypoint Condo Crawl. How fast five years can go by. The Crawl started in 2008 with six condos and of the six only two of the originals are still crawling.

Here is a short review of this year:

The pre-crawl started at our condo around 11:00 with S.O. and T.M. stopping up for some Bloody Marys The official crawl started at noon and we had a Rat Pack theme complete with Classic Cocktails

I unveiled my Perfect Manhattan and it must have been a hit as I served several. Pulled-Pork with the traditional sides was served for the noon meal.

The winner of the Name The Rat Pack Contest was S. M. and S. O. who will be receiving a special surprise selected especially for them.

From this point on I can assure you I am not 100% accurate on the description as the weather was great and there were a few condos I did not even make inside of.

The second stop of the crawl was at V.N. and was co-hosted by A.S. and all I really remember was some fruit kabobs and some excellent wine. Oh, yea and something about a lot of cahooting going on.

From there we headed to G.S. condo and G. and D. were gracious hosts. I had never been in this condo so it was fun to explore a new place. They served several items, but what I remember the most was the Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey (not bad) and some excellent sliced meats.

We next headed up several flights of stairs (although still less stairs then our condo) to S. and C. O’s. condo. I spent the entire time on the deck enjoying a fine cigar and Four Roses Bourbon, however C. O. did server me some meatballs and a Raspberry Long Island Ice Tea, that despite being a little sweet was quite good.

Next stop on the crawl, about 6 stops in, was at B. and R. M. Yet another stop where I did not leave the patio and I heard a rumor they server shark bytes (yes real shark) and Beer Margaritas. I cannot vouch for either but still a great stop on the veranda.

Crawling is Hard Work

We next staggered err crawled over to S. and S. M. for our annual very spicy Shrimp Creole dinner. I have to admit that I do not remember what the drink of the day was, but I bet it had rum in it. However, the Shrimp Creole was excellent and S. not S. M. once again did an excellent job.

So I forgot to say that of the 7 Condo’s stops on this year’s crawl, 5 were on the top floor! However our stop still has the most stairs.

We went to the final official stop on the crawl over to D. and D. G’s. The sunset was fantastic and I once again spent most of the stop on the patio. However I did make it back inside to have several shots mixed up by D. (not D.) G. and all were excellent.

Many of use made an unofficial stop down to A. S’s. place to chat and enjoy a cocktail and then it was back to S. and S. M’s place for closure and cigars.

After many more drinks and many goodbyes it was S. M. and I still standing.

Oh and we had this to contend with at the end.

I want to thank all who attended this year’s crawl and to say how much we miss all who were not able to attend.

The Professor


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