I thought it only appropriate with Valentine’s Day fast approaching to say a few words on the subject.

Valentine’s Day is for wanna be lovers as New Years Eve is to wanna be partiers. Normally Central Patti and I stay in and we used to live by these three simple rules, Wine, Women (insert the gender that applies here) and song. However over the years we changed the rules to Wine, Atmosphere and Song.


There are many wines that can are great for Valentine’s Day and it is best to know your partner well. We enjoy a dry red wine so a Pinot Noir or Bordeaux is usually our Wine of choice. Another good choice is a good sparkling Wine and if you wish to get crazy go with a red sparkling Wine.

Other options for the Wine category would be a nice classic cocktail such as a Manhattan, an Old Fashion, a Classic Martini or a Cosmo. I have blogged about these before, and the recipes for these classic cocktails are readily available on the web.

A few other drinks that I can recommend would be anything sweet. (On Valentine’s Day, go figure) Here are a few good choices

Snicker’s Martini:
1 Part Dark Creme de Cocoa or Godiva Dark Chocolate Liquor
1 Part Carmel Syrup
1 Part Frangelico
1 Part Vodka
Mix all ingredients in a Martini shaker with ice and shake well.
Pour into chilled Martini Glass
Optional. Swirl chocolate syrup in the glass prior to pouring

Caramel Appletini
1 Part Irish Cream
Half Part Green Apple Vodka
1 Teaspoon Carmel
Garnish: Apple Slice
In a Martini shaker mix ice, Irish Cream and Green Apple Flavored Vodka
Shake and strain into chilled Martini Glass
Garnish with Apple Slice and Carmel

The Agave Kiss
2 Parts Premium Tequila
1 Part White Creme de Cacao
1 Part cream
Half part Chambord (use fall part if you like more raspberry flavor)
White or Dark chocolate flakes for rimming
Garnish with fresh raspberries
In a Martini Shaker mix ice, Tequila, White Crème de Cocao, and Chambord
Rim Martini glass with white or dark chocolate
Shake well and pour into chilled Martini Glass
Garnish with a spear of fresh raspberries


Atmosphere can consist of both the atmosphere you wish to create and music (see next section of the rules of Valentine’s Day). Set the mood with a nice fire, where applicable, some candles and dim lighting. Keep the room warm, but no to warm. After all you are drinking and you want the mood right for cuddling and snuggling.


What I have been doing for some years is creating a mix CD of favorite love songs. (both mine and Central Patti’s) If you do not know your partner well enough to know their favorite songs here are some great suggestions

Barry White – Can’t Get Enough of You Live Babe

Percy Sledge – When a Man Loves a Woman

Elvis - I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Johnny Rivers – Slow Dancing

Air Supply – Lost in Love

Lifehouse – You and Me

Edwin McCain – I’ll Be

Five for Fighting – 100 Years And a really awesome video

Orleans – Still the One

Meatloaf – Blind as a Bat (by the way this is one great concert)

Dan Hill – Sometimes when We Touch

Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow – Picture

Wishing you and your Signficant Other (Insert Gender Here) a great MMXII. And to Central Patti, I Love you.

The Professor


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