I'm Going to Hire a Wino To Decorate My House

First of all this is a great song by David Frizzell however, over the years Central Patti and I have taken this song to heart as our National Anthem for decorating our abodes. I thought I would share some of are pictures of decorating in this theme.

This is an picture we put together a few years back coming home from the K.C. Cigar Fest. Part of the entry was many, many free cigars and other swag. We had this picture frame on the table and when I emptied out my backpack this picture was born.

This is a picture of the bar at our old place. Believe it or not (quiet C.O.) that we did ourselves. We begged, bought and stole many wine boxes and tore them apart and attached to the wall around the bar.

Another picture of the bar as we were working on it.

A decorative shelf we built into the wall. A wine box sans top, which is on the wall somewhere

Central Patti then went crazy on the kitchen (I really miss that house0

Yes that is an entire wall decorated with Wine Corks. We did not consume all that wine (a lot of it) but some of the corks were courtsey of our good friends C. and S. C. from Columbia MO at the Wine Cellar and Bistro. (a place we miss very much)Some of our decorating ideas came from this great Bistro!

Here are a couple from the bar area in our current house.

Notice the strategic placement of the Wine Corks and the base is made up of Cigar bands covered with a custom piece of cut glass (one of my Xmas presents this past year)

Central Patti made this using Wine Corks (yes we did consume all this Wine) and an old picture frame.

A cool light made from a Wine Bottle and a Wreath made from Wine Corks made by Central Patti (again we did drink all that Wine)

A few pictures from our collection

The next picture I only included because this is where I spent many, many hours imbibing and it is cool and old school

The Truth at 10 MM

A really cool sign made by Central Patti and again we did drink all that wine. If you guess the amount of corks used and post a comment or email me a total the closest contestant will win a special prize.


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