Ban Flavored Cigars? WTH?

While sitting at MySideOfTheBar the other day having a Highball the discussion with some of the usual suspects the conversation turned to a topic that has been in the news lately. The ban on flavored Cigars;

Here are some links to catch up on the proposed ban.

Fox News


With all due respect (or maybe not) to these articles I will have to say that I take great exception to this line of thinking. Why? Well for a couple of reasons

How are kids obtaining these Cigars? What are their parents doing? Parents should be he watch dogs on what their kids are drinking, smoking or eating, not the government. It goes back to a conversation I have had with a colleague of mine, (C.T.) and a statement he makes often. “When the government takes something away you rarely ever get it back.” Need I remind you of the prohibition era?

Put a higher tax on tobacco products? This solution poses many more questions:
What will the effect be on small tobacco shops? I believe this will really hinder small tobacco shops and do we really need to put more burden on small business?

Will this really keep minors from purchasing cigars and other (beer, cigarettes) products? Again I think not, teenage drinking and smoking have been an issue as long as I can remember and the tobacco and alcohol tax has not slowed this down.

Using this same line of thinking then a ban should be put on all Tobacco products. Well again this is NOT a good solution. Consider the loss of revenue in tax money the federal government would be loosing.

To all those involved in these idiot ideals, stop trying to do the thinking for other people, you are not that good at it.


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