The Transgression Part III

In case you missed the first two installments here they are.

The Transgression Part I

The Transgression Part II

We moved back to our bar stools and ordered yet another round as Tom continued.

As I moved from being a new patron in my new home club to a regular the girls became more and more comfortable with me, which was great if you know what I mean, Tom said with a small grin.

I nodded that I knew exactly what he meant.

Tom continued, I was making good money and my expenses were very small so my tips were very generous. So generous in fact that some of the performers attempted to take advantage of this, especially on a slow night. I being young and single, of course did not mind and obliged them, at first.

As I grew from regular to a know face in the club I also got to know most of the bartenders and waitresses so I became the beneficiary of not only some extended (and sometimes free) drinks, food and yes personal dances. I used to joke with myself that with beer as wall as dances it must have been buy 10 and get 1 free.

Another perk of being a regular and befriending the bartenders and bouncers was that I could stay after closing, have a few beers and chat with the bartenders and waitresses who would introduce me to even more of the performers. Yes I did know them as a customer, but the more nights I stayed after closing the more my personality became disarming to them. The “gang” as we started to call ourselves the music each of the performers chose and the wardrobe they picked on a given evening. Yes I said wardrobe as typically the performers would take her turn on stage and have three songs in a set. The first wearing a sexy, slinky, dress or nighty and as the first set progressed the opening set attire would end up on stage and the performer would be down to something less covering such as a bra an panties, which in turn would find it’s way to the floor as she moved into the third set. Now I am more of a fan of lingerie than the totally nude clubs, but who am I to set standards.

I shook my head in agreement with Tom and ordered us another round of scotch.  Tom inquired if he was boring me to death and I replied quite to the contrary and asked him to continue.

He stated he needed another smoke so back to the patio we went  This time we have several people follow that had been sitting by use at the bar dipping into the conversation, but who could blame them?

Most of the performers started to think of me as not just a patron, but a friend and one of the gang. And the gang would frequently, after closing, go out for breakfast or to someone’s apartment for drinks and other substances. Yes as with may professions some were in if for the wrong reasons.

Tom paused took a drink and a drag on his cigarette before continuing.

It is always the same when people hear my stories of my younger days, the first reaction is of disbelief, but what the hell I could care less. But the ones who believe always say, why were the girls in this line of work?

Well in truth there are always a variety of reasons not unlike other professions. For some of the ladies it was simply a job. They have families and the money is good. For some they were attending college and again the money is good. Others are simply trying to find a place to fit in and this is one way to find themselves, and the money is good.

You also have to admit that it could be good for their self esteem to have men ogle them night after night, no well I am not sure about that either

We talked an hour or two, 'bout every girl we knew
What all we put them through, like two old boys will do

This has been Part III of the Transgression. Be sure to log on next month for the next installment.

The Professor


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