Songs to Drink By

While sitting at MySideOfTheBar a week or so back enjoying some Four Roses with several of the Usual Suspects at a local pub, I realized that songs about drinking made me smile! Now it is no secret that this niche in music is held in high esteem here @MySideOfTheBar, however while drinking an listening I decided to compile a Top Ten Play list for this genre.  So here it goes….
10. Escape “The Pina Colada Song” – Why would a song about infidelity be so entertaining? No clue but try to listen to this classic and not sing or day dream along. This live Version is great!
9. Misery and Gin – A great feel  not so feel good song. Can you name the movie that help to rekindle the popularity of this song? How can you NOT like the great Merle Haggard who is still going strong at age 74.
8. Friends in Low Places – I have always enjoyed Garth (remember the VACATION Blog) he always tells a story when singing a song and you cannot help but to have a moment of reverie.
7. One for My Baby – This Video tells it all! The Rat Pack is the very definition of drinking and songs that go with it.

6. Alcohol – I had never heard of this song until introduced to it by S.O. Great drinking and thinking song and  I will  bet you I can make you put that lamp shade on  your head!
5. Jerry Lee Lewis - Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee – Flip that bottle to me.
4. You Never Even Called Me by My Name – You don’t have to call me a good blogger either.
3. Why Don’t we get Drunk and Screw – Ah yes the question of all time? Wait what was the question ?  Really the answer should be, huh, why NOT?
2. Tequila Sunrise – One of the best easy listening drinking songs ever. Listening to this song makes you want to order Tequila. Of course when the sun comes up you may wish you had not listened.
Which brings me to number one… (Drum roll)

1.Sunday Morning Coming Down – The Kris Kristofferson Version (Sorry Johnny) Love this song and in the old days I used to wake up like this a lot. “Stumbled through my closet for my cloths and found my cleanest dirt shirt” Maybe I just did not like to do laundry 

One of the many songs I can sing along with as I know all the words and truly an anthem here at MySideOfTheBar.

Ok so if you have read this far here is a bonus. If you contact me either by email, in person, on this blog, snail mail, phone, text, carrier pigeon and tell me you favorite drinking song you will be entered into a contest to receive a free CD that includes the songs above, your favorite and bonus cuts.


The Professor


  1. I've got two...sorry
    Whiskey Drinkin Woman by Nazareth and Friends In Low Places by Garth

  2. After Midnight. S.M.

  3. God is Great, Beer is Good and People are Crazy! ~Central Patti


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