The Blue Heron

A couple of week’s back we had the pleasure of dining with some good friends D. and D. G. at the Blue Heron at the Lake of the Ozarks. The Blue Heron is a 5 star dining establishment and we have had the pleasure of dining there many times, however this was not the high point of this night.

You may recall the blog post, The Toast, and yes the Blue Heron was the dining establishment where Central Patti discovered good Cognac.

Now back to the present:

We finished dining with our friends and paid the bill and were on our way out the door when we stopped to pay our respects to the owner Joseph H. Boer (Joe) Our friends knew Joe and for the life of me and as many times as I had dined there I could not remember him. We told Joe we had enjoyed the meal and I made an off handed comment about a story I had written (The Toast) part of which centered on his house blended Cognac. Before we knew it he had reached into the liquor cabinet in the lobby and pulled out a very large glass flask and said follow me.

Joe, D. and D. G., Central Patti and Me 

He led us into the adjoining lounge and almost magically 5 very large brandy, warmed snifters appeared. Joe proudly poured each of us a very generous portion of this special liquor and I believe it is safe to say we sat there stunned for a second.

Well as you can imagine the Cognac was excellent and Joe began to tell us the story of blending it himself, finding just the right mixture that we were enjoying this fine evening. Joe continued with other stories of his years in the business and people (good and bad) that had worked for him. 

D. (not D.) told Joe again about my blog and Joe kept asking me what bar I owned. I explained that I wrote a blog called MySideOfTheBar and again reiterated about the story The Toast.

Joe and Me 

Joe continued his stories and let us pour our own second round (Actually D. did the pouring D. not D.) We sat and enjoyed both the libation as well as Joe’s stories, but the drinks and the stories were not what made this a great evening (although both were great) it was the hospitability of a long time restaurateur and his willingness to share his very special blend of Cognac and also share so much of himself.

Post Script:
I know what you are thinking, how much was this Cognac we enjoyed? To be honest I do not know or care, it was one of the most enjoyable evenings we have every experienced at MySideOfTheBar. (May be once in a lifetime)

Post Script II:
He is to hoping the Blue Heron will be around for many, many years even though there is a rumor it’s time has come.

Post Script III:
I could not resist the picture. They have a unique way of pouring wine

The Professor


  1. You forgot to add the price of the Louis XIII Cognac from the vintage menu.....


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