Yes it is that time of year again and I realize that the song in the title is not exactly one of the best summer songs, however there are several that are Great Songs of Summer so here are the top ten (or 11) of MySideOfTheBar.

11. School’s Out for Summer, Alice Cooper – Didn’t we all used to sing this on the last day of school?

10. Palisades Park, Freddy Cannon – Would have been a great time by all.

9. Summer, War – Summer easy listening at it’s best.

8. Summer of 69, Brian Adams – Another great song to day dream about days gone by and I always loved this video.

7. Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer, Nate King Cole – Always an oldie and a goodie.

6. Boys of Summer, Don Henley - One of my personal favorites and dedicated to The Brinkman Insurance Softball Team of 1983

5. Twisting by the Pool, Dire Straights – If you do not start dancing when listening to this you must be dead.

4. That Summer, Garth Brooks – Every young boys fantasy summer.

3. Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett – Not sure what more needs to be said here, but I always love this song as it is the National Anthem of not only Margaritaville, but summer also.

2. Toes, The Zack Brown Band – If you do not like the song you have to love this video. Oh yea, call me big Papa :)

1. All Summer Long, Kid Rock – It this does not conjure up summertime’s of the past nothing will. I also love the Chris-Craft in the video.

A couple of honorable mentions due to all the heat in the Midwest this vacation year.

Summer in the City, The Loving Spoonful

Under the Boardwalk, The Drifters

What is your favorite Summer Song?

The Professor

P.S. - To the Usual Suspects, if you post a comment here I will give you a CD with these songs on it and a few bonus tracks.


  1. Love the songs, bring on the CD!

  2. Great summer CD, have to share ours with you. S.M.

  3. Anything with Beach boys is summer time!


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