The Tulip Festival

My apologizes for taking last week off, however if you look at my stats for the year and a half I have been blogging here at MySideOfTheBar you probably noticed that I have only missed three blogs.

The last couple of weeks have been particularly busy with a trip to Orange City Iowa for the Tulip Festival, a trip to Waterloo Iowa for graduations, catching up with old friends, (I hope Ingrid and Lisa recovered from the Tequila Shooters and thanks to Cindy and Pat for the transportation) the Forth Street Cruise, a trip to the lake formally known as Lake Delhi for a Birthday Party, S.D.’s homemade cheese cake “The Damn Hole Tour” and helping to build a swimming pool all followed by a quick trip to our condo (man I am tired just typing this) you can see we have been busy!
(recaps of all the above in the coming weeks)

The Tulip Festival

So to start to catch up we had the privilege of being in Orange City Iowa for the 72nd Annual Tulip Festival.

Tulip Festival is celebrated annually on the 3rd weekend in May is held dear by Orange City's inhabitants with a flower show, an evening performance of a Broadway play, afternoon and evening parades, and street dancing by old and young alike. The festival begins on Wednesday for the locals and continues through Saturday drawing over 150,000 people.

My main observation about the festival is that there was NO BEER TENT! However with my ever present 10 shot flask and several large diet cokes I made the most of it. We enjoyed many traditional Dutch Treats a great art show and lots of great traditional festivities including dancing from 12 different regions of Holland and one great parade. Oh and did I forget the Tulips 

Here are a few pictures from the weekend

Cleaning the streets for the arrival of the Queen

A Little Dutch Fun

Making Wooden Shoes

The Professor and Central Patti

The Professor


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