My Vacation or Terror at Thirty-Thousand Feet

Sitting around MySideOfTheBar this week and the discussion turned to vacation. As the next two weeks are the busiest vacation weeks of the year I thought this poem of mine from vacation days of old would be apropos.

I remember the day I tried to touch the sun
Into the air the steel bird arose just so I could have some fun
My pulse did race My brow was hot with sweat
My hands were cold, clammy, and wet
The voice of the captain said all was well
But If that was the case then why did I feel like hell
We cruised along at 30,000 feet
Which was also the pace my heart did beat
The stewardess asked if I wanted a drink
I said look at my face and tell me what you think
It was dark outside and the lightning did flash
I was so scared I had to close my sash
I swore that should my feet ever touch the ground
There would be no more of this fooling around
The engine roared as the bird approached land
I had my friend hold my hand
When the wheels touched down I let go a sigh
As you can tell I really do not like to fly
The plane came to a halt without much fanfare
I was ecstatic to be out of the air
Off the plane I flew with a bound
I was so happy I kissed the ground
As I slept that night I awoke with a start all alone
As I realized in five days I still had to fly home

By Randy Weidman

The Professor


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