The Damn Hole Tour

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of visiting the Lake "Formally Known as Lake Delhi."

For those of you who may not have heard the story (Have you been drunk for a year?)

Here is the story:

Iowa's Lake Delhi Dam Bursts Due to Flooding

Central Patti and I have spent many a great weekend on this lake in the past dozen or so years with our good friends J. and L. P. and K. and S. D. After all who could forget the black-eye hot tub incident or one of my favorite quotes of all time as we were again sitting in the hot tub one night, err early morning.

"What is that bright light up in the sky"
"Um, that is the sun dumb-ass we have been up all night!"

Also some of the best fun we have ever had anywhere with BBQ Shrimp, home made Cheese Cake, Hog Roast, the beer fridge, and some great fireworks.

So with the upcoming one year anniversary of this disaster we took "The Damn Hole Tour"

So without further ado, here is the tour:

Me outside of the former Campo Bar. (Yes I am drinking)Notice the waterline on the building

L.P.and Me Outside Campo

Trying to get to the Damn Hole

J.P. and Me at the bottom of the damn

The Damn Hole

On the Damn Damn

At the end of the weekend we:
We took the Damn Hole Tour
We took all the Damn Pictures we wanted
We did not find any Damn bait
We drank many a Damn drink
We help build a Damn Swimming Pool
We had a lot of Damn fun!

Thanks J. and L. and K. and S. and R. C.

The Professor


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